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Piastrellatura cantina

Posted By Pier C. 3 years ago
Pay in Cash

Piastrellare pavimento cantina di mt. 1,25 x 2,5 (circa 3 metri quadrati) con piastrelle in gres rosso cm 7,5 x 15. Materiali a mio carico.

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Category: Handyman


Milano, MI, Italia

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  • Promuovere B.
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    has offered to complete this task.

    3 years ago
Comments 2
  • PRO
    Gianni B.

    Ciao se metto materiale io potrei farlo per 50 euro

    3 years ago
  • PRO
    Gianni B.

    Volevo dire se tu metti il materiale

    3 years ago
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